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10HOW MSF WORKS How long are missions First missions are usually nine to 12 months though operating room staffsurgeons ob-gyns and anesthetists who are likely to be on call 247make one to three month commitments. This provides consistency. The majority of the people we hire are from the communities we work inthe staff in our South Sudan projects for instance will be mostly South Sudanese. Its hard for them when theres a high transition of managers or people coming from the outside. Do MSF field workers get paid First-mission field workers get a monthly stipend of around 1500 a per diem and full benefits. We cover basic living costs too. Pay rises as people complete more assignments and take on more responsibility. What kind of training do people get when they first join MSF We offer a nontechnical training called Information Days sort of an induction course to MSF as the last stage of the recruitment process. We also brief you before you go to the field. For most medical staff there are no trainings before you go to the field. That makes some a bit nervous. If Ive never seen cholera or treated malaria before how will I know what to do But we believe your experience has given you the skills to hit the ground running. We also have protocols and guidelines. If theres a cholera outbreak there are specific guidelines to follow for medical and non-medical staff. Non-medical staff like administrators and logisticians generally get some training before going to the field. A financial administrator for example would learn our way of bookkeeping. Logisticians spend a week going over everything from electricity to vehicle maintenance. In the field you also usually have a supervisor or medical or logistics referent who guides you and youll usually have a handover with the person youre replacing. SouthSudan2014AnnaSurinyachMSFEthiopia2014AdrianeOhanesian