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11 HOW MSF WORKS WHAT DO YOU TAKE TO THE FIELD Matt Stearns a logistician from Massachusetts who worked in Nigeria on an MSF lead poisoning mission shared his field essentials packing list with us CLOTHING Two pair lightweight active cargo pants pockets are important in the field One pair active shorts Three or so MSF t-shirts Five pair thin gauge athletic socks Five pair underwear One pair closed-toe sandals to protect against scorpion stings and double as a shoe in more formal situations One pair moisture-wicking trail runners One lightweight belt One or two collared shirts for more formalofficial situations One synthetic active t-shirt for workouts One stowable lightweight rain jacket One fleece or thermal top One stowable down vest Lightweight work gloves One bandana or lightweight hat for sun protection One pair decent sunglasses with retention cord One pair of favorite jeans PRACTICAL Headlamp AAA batteries Duct tape 3 Sharpie markers for labeling Travel lock 2 or 3 small carabiners Refillable water bottle Power adapters Leatherman Small case for organizing cords head phones etc. Two tubes superglue PERSONAL Sunscreen Moisturizer Lip balm Dental floss Insect repellent Roll-on deodorant stick applicators melt in tropical climates Toothpaste Toothbrush Broad-use liquid soap Ear plugs Eye mask for sleeping EDIBLES Ten packs of energy gels with caffeine carbs and electrolytes to combat heat-induced lethargy and low energy Five packets of ginger chews helps ease field belly issues Energy bars Two large bags of MMs arrival gift to team One personal reusable coffeetea filter One small camp mug A pound or so of your favorite coffee or tea SANITY Travel speaker iPod shuffle filled with regional pop or traditional music relevant to the mission context Smartphone Aggressively protective water- and dust-proof case for phone Three pairs in-ear headphones field life is brutal on headphone wires Lightweight e-reader filled with good books Portable USB charging pack Two USB charge cords and USB power adaptors Jump rope for cardio workouts in security restricted contexts where running or walking is impossible Decent notebook Playing cards