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17 HOW MSF WORKS WHAT DOES A HEAD OF MISSION DO Kassia Echavarri-Queen was an MSF Head of Mission in South Sudan The main responsibilities of a Head of Mission are understanding the humanitarian context of the country implementing and managing the projects properly representing Doctors Without BordersMdecins Sans Frontires MSF and overseeing security. You also need to handle day-to-day management of your coordination teamfinance HR and logisticsand make sure you are supporting the field coordinators so that we can all give the proper support to the teams that are working in the field. The working relationship with the medical coordinator is really important as all of us together work to ensure that the mission is following the best strategy that it is clearly communicated and that MSF is responding in the most effective way to answer the needs. Representing MSF in the country also means working with people at other organizations or the ministries of health and advocating for what we feel is needed. We provide day-to-day health care but we also explain the reason we use certain medical protocols and work with health organizations at the national or local level to implement these practices. Challenges change from day to day. And sometimes you just have to put out fires. It just really depends on the day. The work is challenging but its always interesting. DRC2012AurelieLachantMSFSouthSudan2012JasonVanDyke