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HOW DOES MSF SHARE ITS MEDICAL FINDINGS Patricia Kahn is an MSF Medical Editor based in New York 23 HOW MSF WORKS In 2013 Doctors Without Borders Mdecins Sans Frontires MSF published more than 100 papers including some in leading journals like The Lancet and PLoS Medicine. Just before the big international AIDS conference in 2012 we had a very visible policy article in Science on scaling up HIV treatment. We also publish in more specialized journals on topics like malnutrition maternal health and neglected tropical diseases. In addition to sharing our findings with the medical community these articles can help us advocate for changes in policy. When MSF shows in a peer- reviewed medical journal that one practice works better than another it helps a Head of Mission say to Ministry of Health officials Wed like to introduce this innovation wed like to vaccinate for example in response to an outbreak. Vaccination is usually viewed as a preventive intervention used in advance of outbreaks. But there are examples such as measles where MSF has shown the value of reactive vaccination campaignsi.e. vaccination after an outbreak has begun. MSFs data played a big role in the World Health Organizations WHO decision to recommend reactive vaccination in some circumstances after measles outbreaks. You cant come into a country and just do any medical intervention. Countries have guidelines. There are international guidelines as well particularly from the WHO. In quite a number of cases MSF research has played a role in moving national and international guidelines towards better practices that lead to better outcomes for patients. Guinea2014AmandineColin