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24HOW MSF WORKS A CONVERSATION WITH THOMAS KURMANN MSF-USA Director of Development Where does Doctors Without Borders Mdecins Sans Frontires MSF funding come from In 2013 92 percent of our donations came from more than 630000 private individuals and the other 8 percent came from foundations and corporations. We have what we could call a financially democratic pyramid we are not dependent on a few top donors 57 percent of our revenue is being generously donated by donors that give us less than 500. Can people earmark their donations for specific projects Our philosophy in line with our humanitarian principles of impartiality independence and neutrality is to prioritize giving that is not earmarked. This allows us to stay flexible and to allocate money where our medical assistance is needed most. We accept an earmarked donation when it corresponds to a wish of the donor. Major donors particularly foundations and corporate partners do often want to allocate their donation to a specific project. It is one of our fundraising principles to accommodate the wish of the donor. And we will at exceptional times launch specific campaigns for ongoing projects that need funds. But in both cases we have to be sure that we can actually spend the money where and how its intended to be spent that the needs are there and that we have teams that can address them. Why do you think people give to MSF We asked donors this in focus groups last year and their answer was very clear. They support us because they see us as an emergency organization. Donors admire the doctors the people who go to the field and dedicate their lives and their time to our lifesaving activities. They respect that we are an organization that is independent and goes into areas others do not in crisis situations in war situations where assistance is most needed.