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BECOME A FIELD PARTNER 25 HOW MSF WORKS Youre going to have catastrophes. Youre going to have these massive cataclysmic events. Thats why I joined Doctors Without Borders. I also know the world doesnt work one disaster at a time. It doesnt wait for one event to get fixed before it gives you another one. Jordan Wiley Doctors Without Borders Logistician DISASTERS EPIDEMICS AND WARS OFTEN OCCUR WITHOUT WARNING. In most cases the sooner Doctors Without BordersMdecins Sans Frontires MSF can arrive on the scene the more lives we can save. Its that simple. To be ready to respond to any emergency around the world at a moments notice requires enormous resources. Maintaining these resources requires solid and stable income from our supporters. Thats why we are asking you now to consider becoming a Field Partner and support our lifesaving work in the field with a regular monthly gift. Your commitment will ensure that whenever people desperately need medical care MSF can be there fast. AS A FIELD PARTNER YOU WILL HELP US SAVE LIVES EVERY DAY. Your participation as a Field Partner guarantees MSF regular and predictable funds allowing us to respond immediately to emergencies and to make solid commitments to new and current projects. Your monthly gift helps MSF put more money into our programs in the field. Since we know we can count on receiving your support every month we are able to minimize our fundraising costs. At least 85 percent of all funds spent by Doctors Without Borders go directly to support our programs. If you have any questions about joining DRC2014JeroenOerlemans