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26HOW MSF WORKS our Field Partner monthly giving program please call our Donor Services department at 212 763-5797. THE BENEFITS OF BEING A FIELD PARTNER Being a Field Partner is convenient. Each month your gift is automatically transferred from your credit card or bank account to MSF. There are no checks to write or letters to mail. You will receive an annual tax receipt for your cumulative contributions. Being a Field Partner is easy on your budget. As a Field Partner you can make smaller more manageable monthly gifts that when added up over the course of the year have a huge impact. Being a Field Partner is always in your control. You can increase decrease or stop your gift at any time. Being a Field Partner brings you closer to MSF and the people we serve. As an MSF Field Partner you are invited to participate in teleconferences and live online events with MSF staff. You will also receive our quarterly newsletter Alert full of striking images and articles about our work around the world. can purchase lifesaving treatment for 15 young children suffering from malaria. can supply a month of clean water for eight refugee families. can provide a month of therapeutic food to treat a severely malnourished child. can purchase supplies to make eight emergency burn dressings in a conflict or disaster. MAKE AN IMPACT. BECOME A FIELD PARTNER. 15 a month 50 a day 20 a month 66 a day 30 a month 1 a day 60 a month 2 a day