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05 HOW MSF WORKS When we open projects are there specific things we look for There must be a need for and an added value in MSFs presence. If we dont feel there is an added value or if we feel anybody could do it were not going to do it. And we wouldnt do it if its not in the scope of our main ambitionsworking in unstable situations on acute medical issues with neglected populations when there is a gap that is not being filled. If those conditions are there then the question becomes whether we have the means and the access what the security issues are and so forth. But this only happens after weve determined that it makes sense for us to work there based on what MSF is and what it does. Do governments influence when and how we work Being independent doesnt mean we do not listen. Whenever we can we try to establish a dialogue with the government in a country. We want to be useful so we welcome their ideas of where the needs are. They never force us to work somewhere. This is why we are independentwe can always decide not to do something. But we welcome the governments requests or ideas in terms of geography or in terms of needs. And then independence is really about deciding on our own if this is something that matches what we consider is within our mission expertise and capacity. Lebanon2006ZohraBensemra